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GAMI is a play-to-earn blockchain based gaming studio, leveraging AR, VR and NFT technologies to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences and rewarding them for their enjoyment. This new gaming world begins with two epic games.


We’re creating a mobile game where gamers can choose characters from historic civilisations whom they can nurture, train and develop to achieve greatness by battling, winning and ascending to the top. A game that allows gamers to take control and re-write history through complex role play and strategical battles. Champions will taste victory and their spoils of war will be in the form of tokens earned from the battle tournaments. These tokens will have real world value and can be used in powering up the character and furthering the supremacy of both character and empire. Each empire will become a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and its members (gamers) will decide its future. Will it become a leading civilisation or will it implode? Play and find out!


The game itself combines AR experiences with the disruptive innovations that are only possible through blockchain technology, namely:

  • Ownership (NFTs)
  • Play to earn (GameFi)
  • Community governance (DAO)

Creating the next generation gaming experiences that empower the gamer and the community!


WHAT IS AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the real time environment of the user. In gaming, unlike virtual reality, augmented reality utilises existing environment and enhances it with an overlay of distinct virtual features.


In addition to this, augmented reality helps in creating a view for the gamers with intense video, graphics and sound by using a device-camera. For games on smartphones, augmented reality has become an important tool as it enables the gamers to create their own characters, targets and racing terrains. It also enables them to scan their local surroundings so as to invite their neighbours and create a virtual track.


This technology is an innovative way to bring the real & virtual worlds together and gaming is the perfect medium to experience and enjoy this technology.


The global augmented reality gaming market reached a value of US$ 4.7 Billion in 2020. Looking forward, the global augmented reality gaming market is to reach a value of US$ 28.60 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 34.80% during 2021-2026. (BUSINESS WIRE)


We want to capture a portion of this growth by merging three of the most innovative and disruptive powerful technologies modern civilisation is currently experiencing, namely:


AR (Augmented Reality), NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and the Blockchain (Public Distributed Ledger)


Blockchain technology in particular has powered the rapid rise in Defi (Decentralised Finance). This has exploded in 2021 with a value exceeding 50 Billion USD (at the time of writing) and this will only grow!


We feel the gaming environment is a fun way to take advantage of this seismic shift, where gamers can generate income (active or passive) whilst doing what they enjoy the most, playing games.


Our vision is to create a game where gamers truly own what they collect (pay for) and their favourite game becomes a source of reward for their enjoyment.


GAMI envisages to become the first AR mobile game powered by a decentralized application (Dapp) on the blockchain. We are bringing four new dimensions to the gaming industry through the GAMI native token:

  • Ownership
  • Play to earn
  • Governance
  • Staking

All mainstream games are centralised, meaning all in-game assets are stored on centralised databases. This results in a world where gamers have no true sovereignty over their characters and in-game assets, rendering them perpetually reliant on centralized entities.


GAMI solves this problem by adopting the power of NFT technology. All in-game assets will be NFTs allowing gamers to maintain ownership of all their purchases. All NFTs will reside in the personal wallets of gamers and no one other than the wallet holder can access the NFTs.


These NFTs are based on the BEP-721 standard allowing items to be unique, have value and be transferable throughout the blockchain ecosystem. Gamers will be able to sell their in-game assets to other gamers within the Gami ecosystem, making true ownership possible for gamers.


Play to earn

Your enjoyment should have value! You have the freedom to personalise and develop your favourite character and empower him/her with the best skills, weapons & skins (NFTs) to advance you in the game and ensure qualification for the most rewarding battle tournaments.


The more people you invite to join the game, your influencer points will increase, making your character more influential and therefore have more weight in the decision making processes within the Empire (DAO).


Your character excitement doesn’t stop there. Go into battle in a digital space with people all over the world, or spawn into your character and battle it out in the real world using Augmented Reality.


Immerse yourself in game theory, have fun and keep being rewarded!

Governance (DAO)

A project is only as strong as its community and we want to ensure the community has a voice and a say in the direction the platform takes.


Each community member that stakes their GAMI token will have a voice that can be expressed through votes on the future decisions of the platform. The structuring of the DAO will be developed over time in conjunction with the community.


We will also take the DAO concept into the game. Allowing empires to become DAOs (with their own treasury). Whoever stakes their GAMI token qualifies to join their given DAO and vote in strategical decisions to further the expansion and dominance of their empire (DAO) over others.


Gamers staking their GAMI tokens will qualify for NFT airdrops on top their voting rights.


Up to two percent of the total GAMI tokens will be set aside to reward liquidity providers. They will be able to stake their LP tokens to earn GAMI tokens based on a variable APY.




Imagine going back in-time and becoming one of the iconic characters from different civilisations in history. Men and women that changed the future for better or worse. Here is your chance to become those momentous figures, take control and rewrite history.


We will have characters from all the past civilisations and empires. You can choose the character you want to become and further the cause of the empire your character belongs to. It will be a journey that you will fully immerse yourself in, by:


Nurturing, training and gaining skills to qualify for the highest ranking battle tournaments, and doing so in your own style by personalising your character with the skins and weapons of your choice.


Many different features will be added to enhance the social aspect, storyline and competition within the game. These will be built around play-to-earn mechanisms and will include:

  • Quests and activities to further the progression of your character
  • Bring the digital battles into the real world via the use of AR technology
  • Build your skill levels
  • Become an influential member within the DAO who can direct policy/strategy of the empire
  • Recruit skilled gamers for your empire
  • Individual, team and empire rankings


The cornerstone of the game will be the ability to purchase in game assets in the form of NFTs to further your game play. When you no longer require these in-game assets, you can sell them to other gamers or exchange them within the platform.


The GAMI token and G-BUCK (Dollar equivalent) token will be the in game currencies used to purchase in game assets (NFTs).


The mobile App will be released in phases along with enhanced gameplay features. Full details of the gameplay features will accompany each App release.

Game Ecosystem
Flow 1

Buy GAMI token via Dex (Decentralised exchange) or G-BUCK (In game NON crypto currency that is Dollar equivalent) via App.

Stake GAMI token to gain voting rights in platform DAO and in-game empire DAO, also qualify for NFT airdrops.

Buy NFTs with GAMI token or G-BUCK (In game NON crypto currency that is Dollar equivalent) to play the game. Battle with other gamers in ranking events and increase your ranking score to qualify for the highest tournaments. Battle in highest tournaments to win the biggest rewards for you & your empire in GAMI tokens.



Total Supply: 1.5 Billion

Launch Price: $0.10

Circulating Supply At Launch: 9,750,000

Market Cap At Launch: $975,000

Fix Supply, No Inflation

Liquidity Locked for 1 Year

Token Will Be On Multi-Chains But Launch On BSC

Vesting Schedule


Blockchain and Crypto is an innovative space where wonderful ideas are being experimented with. Unfortunately, most of these ideas can’t achieve actual realisation as their business models are not sustainable. They do not have robust revenue models and strong customer acquisition plans that will allow for the business to grow and achieve success.


For GAMI we thought long and hard on how to make the platform sustainable and achieve a profitable ecosystem that is built on sound fundamental building blocks ensuring the project has longevity.


Our focus will be the following:

  1. Generate multiple revenue streams
  2. Maintain reward pools without exhausting all reward tokens
  3. Replenish foundation pool tokens to be able to invest in future platform growth
  4. Build customer acquisition model into our core product
Sale of NFTs

The customisation, progression and tournament participation will require the purchase of different NFTs.


Types of NFTs

  • Characters
  • Skins
  • Fireballs & Ammunition
  • Weapons & Armour
  • Battle Courts
  • Animations


Periodically, a finite number of new limited edition NFTs will be released, allowing gamers to purchase them.

Transaction fees

There are two types of Transactional fees, GAMI token transaction fees and NFT Sale transaction fees.


GAMI token transaction fees


There will be a 1% transaction fee for when buying & selling the GAMI token on a dex. These fees will be used for:

  1. Growing the project
  2. Adding liquidity on DEX


NFT sale transaction fees

NFTs that are re-sellable can be sold within the platform. Each NFT sold will also have a 5% transaction fee where the buyer pays 2.5% and the seller pays 2.5%.


These fees will be used to grow the project.


Advertising revenue

There are many key places where in game Advertising can take place. Such as before ranking and tournament battles, winning ceremonies and in meetups.



Product placement revenue

In game product placement will allow brands to have branded in-game NFTs that will have an ongoing brand presence.


A portion of Ad revenue will be used to buy the GAMI token from the open market, acting like a burning mechanisim.


Gamer earnings

We strongly believe a successful project is built by having a strong community, who add real value through their engagement, making it a fun and an enjoyable experience for everyone within the ecosystem.


A key distinction between GAMI and non-blockchain based games is that; everything a gamer has accumulated from skills, ranking, in game collectables and trophies, has no value once he/she decides to stop playing the game and decides to move on. In GAMI, not only are your NFTs re-sellable but so is your character with all its accumulated value. Allowing the gamer to fully reap all the benefits. Making game play in GAMI both fun and a rewarding experience!


Many NFTs will be sought after due to its rarity, these can be sold to other gamers for a premium. There will also be NFTs a gamer no longer wants, these can be resold to other gamers, freeing up capital to purchase new NFTs or just simply cashing out.

Winnings from the battle tournaments will be based on one’s Skill level. Higher the Skill level, the gamer will qualify for higher ranked tournaments. He/she can participate in those tournaments as long as they have a NFT character that is equivalent to the rank of the tournament that they qualified for. If they do not own the relevant ranked NFT character, they can rent one from a gaming guild.


We want to make sure the gamers with the most skill in the game are rewarded accordingly, whilst having fun.

Token Utility


The GAMI token has many use cases within the Gaming Studio platform. These use cases our outlined below.


  • Buy in game digital assets (NFTs) to play the game and enhance gaming experience.
  • Buy Advertising & Sponsorship space inside the game.
  • 2.5% transaction fee on all NFT buy & sells. Fees will go to develop the project.
  • 1% transaction fee on all buy and sell orders of GAMI token. Fees will go to develop the project.


  • Stake GAMI token to have a voice in the decision making process of the platform.
  • By staking you automatically qualify to join your Empire (which is a DAO, independent from GAMI Platform).
  • Stake LP tokens and receive rewards in GAMI token.
  • Have a voice in the political & economic decision making council of your Empire (which is a DAO).
  • Qualify for periodical NFT airdrops.


  • Win rewards in GAMI token from achieving game play objectives.
  • Receive rewards/tips from other gamers.


Agile philosophy

Traditional management methods with top down structures are often too slow to respond to rapid changes on the ground that require quick decisions and an even quicker change in allocation of resources.

  • Short development cycles with successive versions of the release.
  • Quick feedback loop from the GAMI community.
  • Incremental approach (tests and improvement with each iteration).
  • Daily scheduling of tasks and team briefings.


This agile management process will allow us to quickly respond to the ever fast changing requirements of this disruptive technology and market opportunities that may arise.


Our road map is outlined below, however, we will change course if the technology or market conditions require us to do so!

Q3 2021

• Conceptualisation of game & platform

• White paper

• V1 of branding (website & app)

• Mobile App (Invite only Alpha version)


Q4 2021

• Develop first batch of characters & empires

• Test game theory & algorithm

• V2 branding (Website & App)

Q1 & Q2 2022

• Launch GAMI token

• Staking contract for LP

• Mobile App (Beta, open to public)

• Mobile Game V1 (with AR integration)

• Complete all characters & empires in 3D

• Introduce complex gameplay

• Empires become DAOs

• In-game rankings & scoreboards

• Develop GAMI DAO structure


The contents of this document are not a financial promotion. None of the information or analyses presented are intended to form the basis for any investment decision and no specific recommendations are intended. Therefore, none of the contents of this document serve as an invitation or inducement to engage in any sort of investment activity. This document is not intended to be a prospectus, solicitation, inducement or offering for investment or the sale or issuance of securities or any interests or assets.


The information in this document is given in good faith, but no warranties, guarantees or representations are made by Gami with regard to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information presented. Gami expressly disclaims any and all responsibility, and Recipients expressly waive any claim, for any direct or consequential loss or damages of any kind whatsoever (whether foreseeable or not ) arising directly or indirectly from: (i) reliance on any information contained in this document or any information which is made available in connection with any further inquiries, (ii) any error, omission, or inaccuracy in any such information, (iii) any action resulting therefrom or (iv) usage or acquisition of products. This disclaimer applies notwithstanding any negligence, default or lack of care.


The Company may update, modify or correct this document in its sole discretion, without notice or incurring any obligation or liability to any recipient hereof. This document is strictly confidential and intended to be viewed exclusively by those recipients (“Recipient(s)”) specifically authorized by the Company. This document shall not bind, convey any rights, obligations, terms, performance, covenants, representations or warranties on behalf of the Company to Recipient, or create any relationship between the Company and any Recipient or any other party.

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