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Welcome to Gami, a cutting-edge Web3 gaming studio connecting gaming influencers and players, driving mainstream adoption of web3 gaming through simplicity, sustainability, and engaging gameplay.


Gami envisions a united global gaming community, fostering connections and joy across diverse cultures, placing gaming influencers at the core of mainstream web3 gaming.


Gami is on a mission to onboard the next 100 million gamers to web3. Through innovation and gaming influencer collaboration.


The gaming industry (PC, Console & Mobile) is worth 200 Billion with 2.9 Billion players. Mobile is the fastest growing segment, accounting for more than 50% of all gaming revenue.

Web3 (Play2Earn) gaming is still nascent and is only worth 2.3 Billion with 1.2 Million players (wallet addresses). The growth opportunity is immense!

Problems To Overcome

Our Solutions

Sustainable Business Blueprint

Strategic Revenue Distribution

This unique revenue distribution strategy allocates 35% to Gaming Influencers, 55% to Game Development, and 10% for Token Buybacks and Burns. This alignment of incentives ensures sustainable growth by empowering all key stakeholders!

Sound Token Utility

Optimized Token Utility for Enhanced Value

Our token utility is meticulously designed to deliver value across the board, serving as the key to a dynamic game economy that benefits players, brands, and token holders alike.


Gami emerges as a trailblazer in the web3 gaming space by prioritizing social experiences and fostering collaboration with gaming influencers. This visionary approach lays the groundwork for mainstream adoption while establishing a sustainable ecosystem that aligns the interests of players, influencers, and token holders—propelling Gami towards long-term success in the evolving landscape of online gaming.

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